Rita B. Huff Humane Society is a Texas nonprofit organization, with an organization inception date of March, 1984. Additionally, we are a tax-exempt agency. To view a copy of our IRS Determination Letter please contact our Administrative Supervisor at Thank you!​

Support can come in many forms and we appreciate all of the dollars, donated items and time that the community provides so that we can continue to impact the lives of the animals in Huntsville.We have received financial donations in all sums from $1.00 – $500,000. We value each of these regardless of the amount and recognize that each person who gives has the same compassion and caring. Children have designated their birthday party presents to be donations for the shelter. Community organizations have donated items for the animals in the shelter.

Of course, we receive donations in memory of loved ones, be it human or animal that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and also donations in honor of friends, family and pets that are still among us.

Please consider a gift to Rita B. Huff Humane Society. Donations make it possible to manage our programs, expand shelter services, develop an active public volunteer program and prevent animal suffering. Your tax-deductible donation will make a tremendous impact on the lives of many companion pets in your community.

Endowments and Bequests

As you consider your options for enowments and bequests, Rita B. Huff Humane Society would be happy to discuss options that ensure that lost and homeless animals in our community will receive the compassionate care they need and deserve. Please speak with your tax advisor about the tax benefits of endowment giving.
You may also want to consider Rita B. Huff Humane Society in your will to help pay forward the love and companionship for others. Please talk with your estate planner about your options.
Consider a planned gift through an instrument such as a charitable trust or annuity. Planned gifts carry significant tax advantages to the donor, allowing you to direct funds that would otherwise go to taxes, to be used for the benefit of the shelter animals instead.

Kroger Community Rewards Program

Giving/donating may be done through the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

This program links your Kroger Plus Card to the Rita B. Huff Humane Society rebate fund. First, you must register your Kroger Plus Card online.

Then, sign in using the email address and password that you have previously set up for your Kroger Plus Card online account.

Go to Account Options on the left column and scroll down to Savings. Click on Savings, then scroll down to Kroger Community Rewards.

Select the option – Link Your Card To An Organization and search for Rita B. Huff Humane Society (Organization Number UH 498)

Select and Save.

Kroger will contribute a percentage of eligible purchases to the Rita B. Huff Humane Society rebate fund.


Sponsorship Opportunities

We do not hesitate to provide the veterinary care necessary to help the animals that enter our shelter. You can help by donating funds earmarked for medical assistance and our spay and neuter, vaccination, and microchipping needs. At any given time we are medicating and giving fluids and medications to kittens and a number of adult cats to help them through various illnesses. We also have an isolation area where we medicate puppies and dogs that have illnesses, disease, parasites, and other medical conditions.All the medical care that is mentioned above, which is just the tip of the iceberg and the improvements to the facility are made possible through donations from those people who have a sense of responsibility. Every penny counts. Although, the large donations are very valuable, so too, are the small individual amounts we receive.

If you would like to donate specifically to an animal or procedure, please contact us at 936-295-4666. Thank you!