Lost & Found

Lost Animals

Call the shelter at 936-295-4666 and report that your pet is missing. We want to see you reunited as soon as possible, so please don’t wait. After 5 days in the shelter, pets become the property of the Rita B. Huff Humane Society and will be available for adoption.

Come down to the shelter often and visit this website often. Bring pictures if you have them. Please visit often as your pet could be brought in at any time. We are located at 530 Bearkat Blvd, Huntsville, Texas. In order to claim your pet, you must come to the shelter with proof of ownership.

We try to keep the website as current as possible but your pet may not be listed yet.

Flyers in your neighborhood can be very helpful. You may also consider posting them at PetSmart and local businesses in your neighborhood. Please notify us when your pet is found. It helps us keep our files current and we like to hear good news!

Found Pets

If you are able, try to calm the animal with a safe and secure environment while you contact animal control or the shelter. Please don’t wait as the owner may be searching too. If you have a way to keep the animal at your home, you can file a “Found Pet” with us and have the owner call you directly to pick up the animal. You may also want to consider flyers and putting an ad in local newspapers. Facebook also has a variety of lost and found pages in the Huntsville area. If you find the pet’s owner, please let us know so we can share in the news!